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My ex is suicidal over me

Design by Joshua Denney. When I finally snuck away I had 2 black eyes and tissue damage to my left side. Not Helpful 13 Helpful Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story with us and our online community. Hora Central. There is nothing you could possibly do that would make the way he is treating you your fault. Stay in touch with us Sign up below for regular emails filled with information, advice and support for you or your loved ones. Her actions are her own and they are not your fault. Has anyone seen the Grammy Awards? My ex has nobody else, and she is in intense emotional pain, beyond what I can imagine. My dad is still concerned she kill herself if we all abandon her. I have dealt with this for 7 years and I have finally decided to leave.

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You are currently: Home Get support Online forums. Thank you. I have had to take several precautions to remain safe. Give her closure, offer apologies, redeem myself, relieve misunderstandings…? Here is a tip, stick to your boundaries. Due to the overwhelming guilt and shame, I tried to kill myself. I have my own business, but he is constantly criticizing every aspect there of, belittling me and my ideas, I want him to stop but how do I do that without him killing himself?

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You have 2 minutes left before being logged out. After 23 years of marriage, my husband became mentally ill and abusive. He also crys every time I try to call him out on the things he does to me. Someone who struggles with suicidal intent needs support from a team that includes trained professionals - one person can't "fix" them, even if that person is their romantic partner. Ini Suggestions Menghadapinya — dokter sehat. My husband and I have been married for 2 years, together for 5. Start by having an honest talk with the person. Years ago he threatened to jump in front of a train when he was withdrawing from crack cocaine. We hope to talk with you soon! November 2, at am Or Juvi. She also replied to a comment saying she "will be okay" after the tragic death of Kieran.

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  • Avoid holding yourself responsible for whatever the person does.
  • Anytime I try and talk to him about my issues they never are as bad or worthy as his issues.
  • You are not alone in your experience.
  • Call in an emergency.

This is very hard to summarize, so I apologize for a very long post. I also apologize for grammatical mistakes. English is not my first language, but I give my best shot. I am afraid to discuss this with my family due to their view on homosexuality. I really learned my lesson that you need to think VERY hard about saying something like that. I am not entirely sure what I was aiming for when I am doing that. Give her closure, offer apologies, redeem myself, relieve misunderstandings…? She words make me feel like I am not even a human being, rips me apart. I feel scared, guilty, humiliated, angry, and absolutely exhausted. My ex was a victim of child abuse, so she probably grew up hearing these incredibly horrible words from her mother. Unfortunately, I am no saint…toward the end of our relationship I really fought back, which I regret very much. I could not predict when my ex will explode with anger. Due to the overwhelming guilt and shame, I tried to kill myself. I failed. Panic attacks began to occur, but thankfully is now under control with medication and therapy. I try to remind myself that my ex is lashing out all her feelings on me because she has nothing else to hold on to.

My ex is suicidal over me - What should I do?

Before you can post or Dubai girls chat in these forums, please join our online community. This was really confusing because he told me none of this was my fault, and it left me feeling a bit helpless. Since then I've done my best to keep myself in check and My ex is suicidal over me sure I'm prioritising myself for the time being. As well as this, I've been studying up and trying to familiarise myself as much as I can with depression and its consequences, potential treatments and just generally how to support my ex whilst being sensitive to his struggle. Within the last month or so, he and I have communicated that we still have strong feelings for each other and he says that he hopes for and wants a future between us. However, for now - he says that he doesn't think a relationship will work because of his condition and that he just wants to be his "old self" referring to who he identifies himself to be before this depressive episode. I've made it clear to him that I refuse to rush him or pressure him in to anything, and if the time comes that he feels ready, we will progress from there. I still love him so much and I try my best to show him support and unconditional love, without smothering, because he is so important to me and he is my favourite person in the entire world. So, with all of that being said, does anyone have any advice on how to be there for him, without putting any strains or pressures on him? For example, I like to take him to dinner and send him cute pictures of dogs that make him laugh.

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My ex is suicidal over me. Suicide in Ukraine

It seems like a no-win situation. People who have a mental illness, such as Borderline Personality Ovvertypically have a higher risk for suicide. Depression, My ex is suicidal over me history of substance abuse, and other disorders carry risks as well. If your partner truly wishes to die and has a plan and intention to follow through, get immediate help. First, understand that this is a form of emotional abuse suicdal your siicidal is trying to manipulate you by playing on your feelings of love and fear for them. You might get angry when this happens, but you also might feel like you have to give in to them in order to avoid a potential tragedy. When your partner makes these threats repeatedly, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and possibly help your Backpage lesbians as well. Tell your partner you care about them, but stick to your suiciddal. Giving in to threats over and over does not suiicdal a relationship healthy, and it only creates anger and resentment on your end. Put the choice to live or die where it belongs — on your partner. If this is the case, consider the tips above and try to get help where you can. They have to make that choice for themselves. Please keep in mind that these tips may not be right for everyone; you know your own situation best.

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Hi Auntie. I've recently started talking to my ex, to see if he's doing okay, only to find out that he's depressed and suicidal. I'm scared because he's thought about suicide lately and I don't want to lose him. You're doing the right thing now by reaching out. You and your ex need support and I'm happy to point you in the right direction. If your friend tells you he or she is feeling suicidal , take it seriously.

You are not a professional. Good luck. Tell your partner you care about them, but stick to your boundaries.

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I have never had an ex commit suicide, but a few good friends have, and my brother died of an overdose not long after I had to kick him out of my house. Blaming yourself for his actions is counterproductive, but that sentence fragment means precisely shit in the thick of this, as it is still a very fresh wound. I battled suicidal ideations when my past marriage failed. I was very insecure and had low self-esteem, coupled with very limited coping skills. How a person reacts to rejection, when it pertains to intimate relationships, losing a job, or other f. Nov 24,  · Not too long ago I split up with me ex. Not too long agao as in just over a week. He has been saying he cant live without me and that he only has a matter of days left in him. We split up because he was extremely controlling but we had a very serious relationship until it all got too much for me. He keeps showing up to my house unannounced and wont leave when i ask him Open.

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