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E621 wolfy nail

So I'd be able to piggy back off of him every so often, and he'll piggy back off of me every so often, like we've been doing for the past year. You said you aren't completely abandoning your creative activity in the community, maybe Critique will be a good outlet to both help others a long and give you a rest from the previous 'workload'? I mean, that shit can make and break your career :P Also, I dont know if your have art-director or the person who approved stuff has some artistic skill as mine he has little to no knowledge about art LOL. Awh man, this is really upsetting news. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Plus as someone else stated, it really depends on your standard of living. So those IA slots are just going to get canceled? You just need a good change of pace for a while. Best of luck and thanks for all the delicious art, Wolfy. What sort of job did you get? May your new job be fun and very lucrative :. This kind of art-work is just one angle in a wide career.

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But do we really need to jump down the throat of one person who felt that they finally got the kind of job they wanted? Que the influx of brain dead ratchets who don't read this and try to commission you anyway, thereby driving you away from FA forever. It's a good idea. The perception of a greater freedom for the average self-employed furry artist is massively reduced when you account for the financial immobility. Hope it is fabulous!

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I'd love to do a collaboration with you one day ;A;. You need to login to view this link does really good scifi stuff. Submit a caption. I hope you at least keep producing good work in your free time! You gradually raise the rates until the work evens out. Its a shame! When you feel bck to where you were, then lost publicly again. May seem super late to the party but I really hope things go your way! Slowly at first. Even though you make bank on your pictures its not like you can live off it anyway. I learned some neat tips from your tutorials regardless. To tease. I hate being away from home, so this is nice for me. I was hoping for a collab sometime, but your work first!

Wolfy Nail E - Exploring Mars

  • By all means feel free to recaption a picture that's already been covered, but use common sense and don't just change a few words.
  • Well best of luck to you.
  • You are not alone who are disappointed about it.
  • And you can't really use porn furry stuff in portfolio or resume xP sorry for spam.

Yiff captions are, well, captions attached to yiff artwork. What's allowed? Anything that can be considered yiff, really. Monsters as well, such as slimes, centaurs, and others, but nothing like dryads and elves where they're effectively human. To help people searching, please try to list them alphabetically. Place these at the start of your title. Use D for dickgirl. Herms have vaginas, dickgirls don't. If you can't see, like if they have underwear on, choose whichever you feel works best. If the image doesn't show but your caption mentions a vagina or lack therof, of course pick the one you've written about. It is also highly preferred that you link to the original image, and paste the caption you wrote in plaintext form for easier reading. Give credit where credit is due. No reposts, please. You may revise your captions, but please delete the original after. By all means feel free to recaption a picture that's already been covered, but use common sense and don't just change a few words. No depictions of minors. The cub art subreddit got shut down a while back, and I'd rather it not happen to this one too. Also, while real life zoophilia is allowed on reddit, it does not belong here. Note : Not rules.

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Gifs, videos and flash animations are now allowed to be posted. Not explicitly required. Any post or comment that is a link outside of reddit will result in a warning. Continuing to post links of that nature WILL result in a ban. If the link is obvious spam, banning will be immediate. Still working on automod so post away, and if it gets caught, let me know and I'll wplfy when I can. If you think this is the right anil to ask about a specific pic or artist you can't find, that is E621 wolfy nail too. Locker room [H] wolfy-nail static1. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.

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E621 wolfy nail. [last updated August 26, 2017]

We now have a Discord server, come talk to us! Want to advertise on e? Click here! History Flag History Recent approvals Help. July 3rd: Because it has become relevant again: We do not have an official facebook page. If you find a page that pretends to be affiliated with e For further details please see this thread. This post was deleted by NotMeNotYou. Parent Post Search Search Help. Statistics Source: furaffinity. Anarchy Member 3 years ago. Not a big fan of watersports and the like, but is that absinthe that the Dragon is drinking? Explicit Questionable Safe.

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We now have a Discord server, come talk to us! Want to advertise on e? Click here! He posts his work mainly on furaffinity.

Statistics Source: furaffinity.

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